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About Us

From working in construction to being a maintenance technician and fixing many different things in an industrial setting, Nick "The Hardworking Handyman" has always had a passion for building and fixing things!


It all began during my freshman year of high school, where I started to take shop classes that helped me develop an exemplary skillset ranging from woodworking, metal fabrication, welding, 3D design, and much more. As I learned these unique skillsets, I cultivated my skills by creating a shop on Etsy where I sold hundreds of woodworking products across the nation.

But after marrying the love of my life and having a beautiful baby girl, I decided to change directions and serve residential customers as a handyman. One of the things I missed the most was the face-to-face human interaction that I love to experience with each and every customer as I travel from jobsite to jobsite, meeting new people, listening to your stories, and delivering you a life-changing service that will transform the way you live.


With love and support from the Lord, my wife, and my baby girl, I promise to

get your jobs done in a timely manner while ensuring exemplary quality on

each and every project.


From garden beds to drywall repairs, texturing, painting, building custom floating shelves, deck repairs, remodels, vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring, playground restraining, power washing, and much more, I have a wide range of experience and am looking forward to being the right guy for your next project.

So what are you waiting for? Let's change your life and get those projects done. Reach out and get an instant price today!

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